RXB Healthcare Technologies

Cutting edge healthcare data platform where individuals and large companies securely and anonymously upload, store, manage and monetize personal health records.

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The RXB Data Mainframeā„¢

Our Core Technology

Where personal health records are securely stored.

The Problems We Are Solving

Billions are made selling your health records without your knowledge. The RXB platform offers individual users the opportunity to track and monetize their health records for the first time.

Patient recruitment for clinical trials cost companies major delays in trial time and cost millions of dollars. We solve that.

Current healthcare ecosystems do not communicate, records are scattered, nor easily accessible or shareable. We solve that.

Highly sensitive health information is at risks of redistribution and data breaches. We solve that.

Own, Share & Track Your Data

Our smart web and mobile Personal Health Record (PHR) app, users can own, share and track their data, integrate wearables, set goals and manage their health, analyze and even monetize their data. All data is secured on the The RXB Data Mainframeā„¢

Who We Work With

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    Clinical Trials

    Saving medical researchers and pharmaceutical companies time and money when recruiting for clinical trials.

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    The Individual

    Individual users and their families can upload, share, track and store their medical history through our app.

Medical Data Access

Sharing and tracking medical data has never been easier. We put people back in charge of their medical data and will offer users various opportunities to anonymously sell portions of their health data to support important clinical trials.