RXB Data Mainframe

Proprietary Technology

▪Secure health record data storage platform.

▪For personal and enterprise use. B2C + B2B.

▪Data shareable & retrievable by users.

▪Built on our own private, secure decentralized healthcare database – Records can’t be manipulated.

▪Open API allows easy data transfers.

▪Built-in Machine learning functions for data mining.

▪Search & transfer tools for data resell.

▪Compliant under both U.S. & European data privacy laws.

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This allows easy integration into and communication with existing healthcare systems through a proprietary integration middleware layer, including third party technologies or companies that RXB develops or acquires.

Dragos IlincaChief Technology Officer

Built-in machine learning functions for data mining. In the future, this will recognize users patterns for preventative care solutions and disease management. Easy to use search and analysis engine over anonymized data makes it easy to pinpoint the most valuable data to resell.

Compliant under U.S. HIPAA and European Union GDPR privacy laws.