US Personal Health Record App

The web and mobile personal health record (PHR) App for the U.S. market.
Allows users to connect to their healthcare providers system to retrieve, store, upload and manage their personal health record, on our private, secure and anonymized database.

This enables full control over the sharing of information in a granular fashion: the consumer can choose which parts of the record to share with a certain third party, such as a clinician or pharmaceutical company.

Users can monetize data through Opt-in or out features.

Our tech allows the patient to monetize their personal records by either opting into marketing programs or providing access to their records to third parties in exchange for compensation.

The technology also provides an easy way to set, track and manage health goals, including preventative care and disease management functionality. The goal will be features such as medical appointments, treatment ratings, social support groups and more, which enable the user to take control of their health care.

Lastly, all of the data collected by the US PHR App will be stored on the RXB Data Mainframe™, subject to appropriate US compliance and data protection regulations.